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On March 15th, Pastor Tyran Meredith, when landing in the Metro Los Angeles area, was hospitalized after feeling “light headed”. The hospitalization, the subsequent diagnosis, and under medical recommendation, has restricted his travel. Therefore he will reside in California as a part of his recovery. He will continue to be under medical care and rehabilitation for an undetermined length of time.

While all medical options have been investigated, including brain surgery, whatever treatment is decided upon, we are trusting God and have confidence that along with your prayers, that outcome will be successful.

His focus will be on recovery and rehab. The mission and vision of the Detroit House of Judah will be the continued focus in Detroit, and in all of the earth.

Pastor Tyran has among his many expressions, is “do the business” that is, no matter what is happening, God is still requiring that whatever he has called us to, we have to continue. We will continue to “do the business” of building the kingdom for a soon returning King.

Filling in during this transition as Pastor, will be Elder Erick Barnes who through much consultation by Pastor Meredith, from members of KGM, the board of Elders and the Holy Spirit was selected to be in the position to continue the mission in that role. One of the blessings in this local assembly is that we are equipped with multiple gifts within the ministry.

Tyran will continue to need the prayers, and support. The House of Judah under the direction of the Pastor Tyran and Flarenda will determine how you can assist in the near future.

Keep the faith…

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